big poetry giveaway – 2013 edition

Susan Rich over at The Alchemist's Kitchen is guest curating the fourth year of the poetry extravaganza known as The Big Poetry Giveaway. Seeing as it’s The Cruelest (aka National Poetry) Month, I thought I’d get on board, and you can, too. If you want to get with the giving, go to Susan's place and sign yourself … Continue reading big poetry giveaway – 2013 edition

the next big thing

Here it is--the cover of my new book, Grass Whistle, with beautiful art courtesy of Barbara Reid! I've been tagged in a blogging project called " The Next Big Thing," so since this is mine, read on if you want to know more about the book. First, thanks to Ellen Dore Watson for inviting me … Continue reading the next big thing

30 poems in november, the uncooked bird

Pokey had the brilliant idea that she would do her 30 Poems in November (a fundraiser for the Center for New Americans) differently this year. Instead of writing a poem a day, which in the past has resulted in many not-so-good poems, I'm trying to write one long poem from "found" text that represents some … Continue reading 30 poems in november, the uncooked bird

The Sound of One Leaf Falling

Here be the link to my latest column at Hilltown Families about poetry for families to learn and (hopefully) love. Enjoy!

Berkshire Word Fest

Saturday, September 15, 4:00pm Pokey reads! Berkshire Wordfest The Mount, Lenox, MA There are so many good things about this: 1) I get to read with Jess Greenbaum, whose work I love. You will, too! 2) They have many excellent poets on the schedule, including Marie Gauthier, Mark Wunderlich, Peter Filkins, Karen Chase, Michele Gillett … Continue reading Berkshire Word Fest

and they went to sea in a sieve

My latest One Clover & a Bee column is live over at Hilltown Families, in which I celebrate nonsense and bad behavior via Edward Lear and Maurice Sendak's, "The Jumblies" (which Pokey believes is actually a poem about being an artist) as well as other poems for families to learn & love in the collection, … Continue reading and they went to sea in a sieve

a list & an extremely large umbrella

A smart Mom-friend posted a link on Facebook to a post, Things I Want My 10 Year Old Daughter to Know. I followed the link to Huff Post and from there to Lindsey Mead's blog: A Design So Vast. Pokey thinks the list is so spot on she had to share it with you. Follow … Continue reading a list & an extremely large umbrella

honey, let’s have rilke put them to bed tonight

My second One Clover & A Bee column at Hilltown Families is up: Poems to (Possibly) Sleep On, in which I argue for reading poetry aloud as a way to put your kids to sleep. No, not because poetry is BORING, but because a) not everybody loves to hear themselves sing, and b) it means … Continue reading honey, let’s have rilke put them to bed tonight

one clover & a bee

Pokey has another part-time gig: One Clover & A Bee (thank you Emily Dickinson!) is the name of my new column as a contributing writer at I'll be writing once a month about how families can learn and say poems and just generally make poetry part of their lives and not be afraid of it. … Continue reading one clover & a bee

ma po fest 2012

Lots of great poetry in Salem next weekend, including western MA poets Maya Janson, Diana Gordon, Marie Gauthier and Annie Boutelle! Get yourself there!