Detachment Parenting

This morning as I drove along the river that winds through our little town I was noticing how, six months after Tropical Storm Irene swept through, the river’s path is dramatically altered. Shallow, sleepy meanders with the occasional spot deep enough to submerge your body on a hot summer day have been replaced with steep … Continue reading Detachment Parenting

Berkshire Festival of Women Writers

At this very time, just a hop, skip and a jump away from anywhere in the MA, CT or NY state conjunction, really fabulous writing-related events featuring talented, funny and smart women are taking place, all during the month of March and even a wee bit into April. What is this thing? Where? How can … Continue reading Berkshire Festival of Women Writers

Sour & Sweet

In honor of my daughter, who’s 13, and despises Valentine’s Day (for what should be obvious reasons, if you remember anything at all about being 13) I’m posting an anti-Valentine poem Pokey wrote long ago (before she was even Pokey). This is for you, Maddy! X’s & O’s You can keep your four-leaf clover road … Continue reading Sour & Sweet

pokey gets a yes

I’m treading the edge here, a line that shifts beneath my bare feet, salt and wrack swirling around  my ankles. I’m noticing how it’s not just me that’s shifting, not just one edge but all edge, overlap and flip-flop, blurring and gradation. I believe this lack of faith in permanence may be what’s called an … Continue reading pokey gets a yes

birthdays, snoring & the wrong moon

It’s Pokey’s Birthday! Not MY birthday, but the birth-day of this here blog, and that notorious character I’ve come to love,  who’s me and not me, which of course is total narcissism, but hey, it’s MOTHERS DAY, so cut me some slack, willya? Yes, a year ago I made my first post, and here I … Continue reading birthdays, snoring & the wrong moon

Get Thee to Massachusetts Poetry Fest

The poetry will be flying in Salem, Massachusetts, May 12, 13, and 14 at the 2011 Massachusetts Poetry Festival. Sadly, Pokey will probably not be attending as her girl turns 13 Friday the 13th and she will be all about that celebration. But I did go last time, and loved the homegrown, democratic feel, the … Continue reading Get Thee to Massachusetts Poetry Fest

the big poetry giveaway

Kelli Russell Agodon over at Book of Kells has once again jumpstarted an extravaganza of poetry love, the Big Poetry Giveaway. Seeing as it’s April, National Poetry Month, and Fool’s Day is safely over, I thought I’d get on board. This is the deal: leave a comment here with your name and at the end … Continue reading the big poetry giveaway

pokey’s blog blog

We’re taking a wee break from the Pokey-and-the-Guidesses riff. Pokey’s been laid low with a walloping flu-like thing and spent a better part of the week dazedly clicking around the blogiverse. She got a trifle over- stimulated and had to drink a lot of tea and talk herself off a stratospheric ledge of doubt—wondering why … Continue reading pokey’s blog blog

pokey leaves purgatory

Time to pick up the thread of the last Birth of Pokey post—no, not those red pants again! The thread of how Pokey wriggled her way out of the little box she was in, not-so-affectionately known as writer’s block.  If you’ve never had writer’s block, or its equivalent for your chosen work (bread that refuses to rise, … Continue reading pokey leaves purgatory

Pokey’s first interview: Katryna Nields

In honor of President’s Day Pokey is inaugurating her first Mama to Mama interview, featuring musician Katryna Nields. Katryna and her husband Dave, also an amazing musician, moved to our little road in 2000. I remember meeting her at one of our neighborhood parties: she was this beautiful, willowy column of a woman wearing a … Continue reading Pokey’s first interview: Katryna Nields