It’s A Book Party!

IT'S A BOOK PARTY! Sunday, November 17,  5:00pm A.P.E. Gallery 126 Main St. Northampton, MA 01060 Come celebrate the US release of Grass Whistle, published by Salmon Poetry, Ireland Words, Talk, Refreshments (A few surprises may ensue) Open to the public. All welcome.  


Somewhat appropriately (or ominously), the venue for this year's MaPoFest is Salem, MA, notorious for its history of dunking any citizens suspected of being...different. What better place for a bunch of poets to gather? Lots of great readings, workshops and music will be going on, including the Boston Typewriter Orchestra (going to that!) I'm taking part … Continue reading MAPOFEST 2013

Looking for Grass Whistle?

Yes! My new book is out! But where? So, the deal with Grass Whistle is that it's being published by an Irish press, Salmon Poetry, and it comes out in Ireland and the UK first, and then it's officially distributed in the US. It's available NOW at Salmon,and if you order 2 copies shipping is … Continue reading Looking for Grass Whistle?

the next big thing

Here it is--the cover of my new book, Grass Whistle, with beautiful art courtesy of Barbara Reid! I've been tagged in a blogging project called " The Next Big Thing," so since this is mine, read on if you want to know more about the book. First, thanks to Ellen Dore Watson for inviting me … Continue reading the next big thing

pokey gets a yes

I’m treading the edge here, a line that shifts beneath my bare feet, salt and wrack swirling around  my ankles. I’m noticing how it’s not just me that’s shifting, not just one edge but all edge, overlap and flip-flop, blurring and gradation. I believe this lack of faith in permanence may be what’s called an … Continue reading pokey gets a yes

Red Light, Green Light

In regard to posting a full-length essay with accoutrements on a weekly basis Pokey has given herself the green light to forgo the self-flagellation and instead allow for occasional blathering and newsy news in between the fabulousness of the longer posts, hence, the following items that may be of interest: Pokey Reads! Words will be … Continue reading Red Light, Green Light