Red Light, Green Light

In regard to posting a full-length essay with accoutrements on a weekly basis Pokey has given herself the green light to forgo the self-flagellation and instead allow for occasional blathering and newsy news in between the fabulousness of the longer posts, hence, the following items that may be of interest:

Pokey Reads! Words will be served!

Wednesday, October 27 at 7:30pm

Reading by Catherine Sasanov &  Amy Dryansky

Green Street Café, Northampton, MA

Yes, I’m reading with a poet from Cambridge next Wednesday in Northampton at the cafe and would love it if you could come. You can certainly have dinner there, but it’s also fine to just come and listen, just refrain from heckling.

Dogs Sing! Good behavior rewarded!

Pokey (writing under her pen name, Amy Dryansky) also has three poems in the new anthology, Dogs Singing, published by the Salmon Poetry and available in November.  You can read more about it here.

Cover Artwork: 'Blue' by Margaret Nolan

That’s it for now. Longerness will soon return.

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