It’s Day 30!

It’s the final day of 30 Poems in November, the fundraiser for Center for New Americans. CNA helps people out, free of charge, who are new to this country and looking to learn English, gain job skills, apply for citizenship and asylum, etc. They’re pretty great.

For my fundraiser I pledged to write a poem a day for 30 days and (pretty much) did it (not going to lie, the way my life is these days I had to skip a few). But the upshot is I have 30 interesting little pieces of writing that I’m kinda excited about—thinking I might turn them into a long poem called November or something—let me know if you have ideas for a title.

AND, even though I haven’t reached my goal of raising $1000 for CNA, I’m more than halfway there. Thanks to all of you who gave so generously—to me, every donation is generous, no matter the size. And there’s still time to give; so if you meant to make a donation and it just slipped your mind, or like me you have too many things to do, go ahead and follow this link!

And if you want to hear poems from all the folks working so hard on this, join us at our annual Reading, Wednesday, December 14th at 7:00 PM at the Northampton Center for the Arts and online. CNA students, teachers, and writers ranging from a high school poetry club to well-known authors to local musicians and retired librarians will share their work. I might even read something!


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