Somewhat appropriately (or ominously), the venue for this year’s MaPoFest is Salem, MA, notorious for its history of dunking any citizens suspected of being…different. What better place for a bunch of poets to gather?

Lots of great readings, workshops and music will be going on, including the Boston Typewriter Orchestra (going to that!)

I’m taking part in two events Saturday, May 4:

New Books Reading

with Aimee Sands, Jennifer Barber, Howard Faerstein, Annie Finch

Amy Dryansky, Steven Cramer & Michael Cantor


Omen (really, that’s the name of the venue!)

184 Essex St.


Our Side of the Pond

a reading by poets publishing with the Irish Press, Salmon Poetry–

with Lori Desrosiers, Amy Dryansky, Mary Pinard, Valerie Duff

Aimee Sands & Mary O’Donoghue

1:30 – 2:30

Hawthorne Hotel Library

Hope to see you there! (No dunking)

2 thoughts on “MAPOFEST 2013

  1. Hi Amy! This is Marjorie Manwaring and you entered your name in the book giveaway on my site. I decided to draw two extra names, and one of those was you, & while you didn’t win a book, I would like to send you a broadside (by artist Anita K. Boyle of Egress Studio) of the poem “Groundhog Turning Poet) from my book. Will you email me at info ( at ) mmanwaring(dot)com so I can get your mailing address? Thanks for participating!

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