moms like to party: arts night out!

Just in case your Sunday doesn't include time for you, the Mother, to relax and have fun the way you like to have fun instead of the way you're supposed to have fun on the holiday that is purported to celebrate motherhood but often somehow includes extra chores and/or commitments for the aforementioned honoree—and if you … Continue reading moms like to party: arts night out!

birthdays, snoring & the wrong moon

It’s Pokey’s Birthday! Not MY birthday, but the birth-day of this here blog, and that notorious character I’ve come to love,  who’s me and not me, which of course is total narcissism, but hey, it’s MOTHERS DAY, so cut me some slack, willya? Yes, a year ago I made my first post, and here I … Continue reading birthdays, snoring & the wrong moon