The Bee of Amherst

Here's my latest column for One Clover & A Bee--had to get to Dickinson one of these days!

Take a Poem to the Beach

Here's my latest column over at One Clover & A Bee, featuring a poem by e.e. cummings: maggie and milly and molly and may It's kind of sneaky poem, which is probably why I like it.  Check it out and see what you think!

Through Line | Amy Dryansky | Orion Magazine

Hey, I have a poem in gorgeous, smart, Orion magazine! So much to enjoy in this month's issue, with a focus on reimagining infrastructure. Curious? check it out! Through Line | Amy Dryansky | Orion Magazine.

Frank O’Hara & the (Extra)Ordinary

In this month's post for One Clover & A Bee over at Hilltown Families I recommend a writing challenge based on a poem by the inimitable Frank O'Hara. O'Hara might seem a strange choice for a column devoted to poetry for families, but in this case (and many others, IMO), he's the perfect antidote to … Continue reading Frank O’Hara & the (Extra)Ordinary

Bells We Would Ring: Kenneth Patchen

On Solstice eve I was searching around for a poem to write about for my Hilltown Families column, and feeling really stymied by the challenge of finding something seasonal and uplifting and bright in the wake of the violence at Sandy Hook. In some ways it would be easier just to grieve, to stop everything and sink down into … Continue reading Bells We Would Ring: Kenneth Patchen

back to plath

This month at One Clover & A Bee Pokey wrote about Sylvia Plath’s, The Bed Book.  Yes, reader, the Queen of Darkness also wrote four kid’s books! The Bed Book has some of Plath’s signature skill and style, and Pokey wishes she’d discovered it during those aeons when her babies didn’t sleep. I don’t know … Continue reading back to plath

The Sound of One Leaf Falling

Here be the link to my latest column at Hilltown Families about poetry for families to learn and (hopefully) love. Enjoy!

and they went to sea in a sieve

My latest One Clover & a Bee column is live over at Hilltown Families, in which I celebrate nonsense and bad behavior via Edward Lear and Maurice Sendak's, "The Jumblies" (which Pokey believes is actually a poem about being an artist) as well as other poems for families to learn & love in the collection, … Continue reading and they went to sea in a sieve

honey, let’s have rilke put them to bed tonight

My second One Clover & A Bee column at Hilltown Families is up: Poems to (Possibly) Sleep On, in which I argue for reading poetry aloud as a way to put your kids to sleep. No, not because poetry is BORING, but because a) not everybody loves to hear themselves sing, and b) it means … Continue reading honey, let’s have rilke put them to bed tonight

one clover & a bee

Pokey has another part-time gig: One Clover & A Bee (thank you Emily Dickinson!) is the name of my new column as a contributing writer at I'll be writing once a month about how families can learn and say poems and just generally make poetry part of their lives and not be afraid of it. … Continue reading one clover & a bee