big poetry giveaway – 2013 edition

Big Poetry Giveaway 2013

Susan Rich over at The Alchemist’s Kitchen is guest curating the fourth year of the poetry extravaganza known as The Big Poetry Giveaway. Seeing as it’s The Cruelest (aka National Poetry) Month, I thought I’d get on board, and you can, too. If you want to get with the giving, go to Susan’s place and sign yourself up–you have until April 10!

This is the deal: leave a comment here with your name and at the end of the month I will draw the names of two readers (using the Random Number Generator) who will each get a free book of poetry. If you go to Susan’s blog you’ll see a long list of folks who are also doing poetry freebies—so get surfing, and get your poetry on!

One person will get a free copy of my brand spanking new book, Grass Whistle, and I’m also giving away a copy of Maya Janson’s new book, Murmur & Crush, just out from Hedgerow Books. And maybe some more, we’ll see what happens.

I’ll say more about The Giveaway and these books soon, but for now…here’s what some folks have said about Maya’s book:

Murmur and Crush

“Wide-open love of the world and its mad inhabitants is one of the holiest of the heart’s affections. And that’s what you get in Maya Janson’s Murmur & Crush—total acceptance of the as-is world, seduced into being by that beautiful tag team, Bemusement and Sorrow.” —David Rivard

“Maya Janson’s richly evocative poems embody through visible things the turbulent cross-currents of the interior world where one thing spawns another in a wild tumult of images, producing an exuberant vision of beauty outlasting what destroys it.” —Eleanor Wilner

So, you could buy a bunch of Powerball tickets or…you can leave Pokey a comment for free and take a chance at getting one of these  fabulous books.

No purchase necessary. No obligation. No time-share tour. Let the words begin!

33 thoughts on “big poetry giveaway – 2013 edition

  1. Amy: Please sign me up for your book giveaway! If I happen to be lucky enough to be an honored winner this year and receive your book, I will write a review and promote it through the Vermont Poetry Newsletter (& Poetry Event Calendar), which now receives over 1M hits/year. I’ll be nearly as excited to win Janson’s book, but hey I can be honest here, my heart says winning yours would be more incredible! Either way, I’ll be crossing my fingers and hope to soon find one of your selections in my personal poetry library! Thank you! Ron Lewis, VPN Editor (

  2. Hello Amy
    What an excellent idea! Happy Poetry Month from the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia!
    I love the idea of the ‘slow parenting movement’ – if it is anything like the ‘slow food movement’ the kids should turn out well done if you get to them when they’re small enough to still be able to fit them in a slow-cooker (the sort of meal where you do the prepareation then go out for the day and come home to dinner being ready!!! (Joke people – I have a 16 year old man/boy and a 10 year old daughter who I swear is going onto 21 – both of whom are well past the dimensions of most appliances!)
    I have scribbled for my poetry muse for YEARS, most recently posting on facebook ‘Alexandra J Cornwell – Poet’. Last September I discovered the fun of ‘drabbles’ (100-word microfiction ‘Byron Short Fiction ‘Drabble’ Writers’), although I am finding much inspiration in the non-fiction areas. I suppose it has been my way of blogging, though am thinking now that I’ll have to get my blogsite organized and get on with getting organized to publish some of my scribbles properly. I finally got around to joining my local Bangalow Writer’s Group last week and went to my first readers & writers festival in Bellingen 2 weeks ago (seeing as it was over a 3 hour drive I also attended and entered my first Poetry Slam event while I was there). It is all about getting it out there! Best wishes with the new publication too.

  3. “Fortune presents gifts not according to the book,
    When you expect whistles, it’s flutes,
    When you expect flutes, it’s whistles.” — Gongora

    Flutes or murmurs– I’d love either: stick me in the generator!

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