NaPoMo Interview: A Writer’s Voice

Here's the link to my NaPoMo interview with Francesca Rheannon, on A Writer's Voice. I had a really lousy head cold when we talked, but folks who've heard it say I sound smart. And I didn't pay them. Francesca asked me about my Pokey Mama journey--the struggles I had writing as a woman and mother after … Continue reading NaPoMo Interview: A Writer’s Voice

pie, publishing & swagger

When the pie was opened, the birds began to sing... Turns out, of the four-and-twenty blackbirds, 20 were men and only 4 were women! I know I promised to post the next installment of PM's journey, but  an interesting conversation is bubbling up around a piece published by VIDA, Women in the Literary Arts, and I just … Continue reading pie, publishing & swagger