Give Grass Whistle a Sticker! MA Book Awards

Yep, my second book, Grass Whistle, won top honors from the Massachusetts Center for the Book! You can see the entire list of “must-read” books here. Those of you who’ve followed Pokey Mama from her tightly bound beginnings will probably guess that this feels like a miracle to me. To get the book written, under … Continue reading Give Grass Whistle a Sticker! MA Book Awards

NaPoMo Interview: A Writer’s Voice

Here's the link to my NaPoMo interview with Francesca Rheannon, on A Writer's Voice. I had a really lousy head cold when we talked, but folks who've heard it say I sound smart. And I didn't pay them. Francesca asked me about my Pokey Mama journey--the struggles I had writing as a woman and mother after … Continue reading NaPoMo Interview: A Writer’s Voice

Out of Our Minds

The podcast from my interview for J.P. Dancing Bear's show on KKUP, Out of Our Minds, is now available for your listening pleasure.  We talked about poetry and stuff. Sylvia Plath came up. You know. Take a listen here.