honey, let’s have rilke put them to bed tonight

My second One Clover & A Bee column at Hilltown Families is up: Poems to (Possibly) Sleep On, in which I argue for reading poetry aloud as a way to put your kids to sleep. No, not because poetry is BORING, but because a) not everybody loves to hear themselves sing, and b) it means … Continue reading honey, let’s have rilke put them to bed tonight

moms like to party: arts night out!

Just in case your Sunday doesn't include time for you, the Mother, to relax and have fun the way you like to have fun instead of the way you're supposed to have fun on the holiday that is purported to celebrate motherhood but often somehow includes extra chores and/or commitments for the aforementioned honoree—and if you … Continue reading moms like to party: arts night out!

Detachment Parenting

This morning as I drove along the river that winds through our little town I was noticing how, six months after Tropical Storm Irene swept through, the river’s path is dramatically altered. Shallow, sleepy meanders with the occasional spot deep enough to submerge your body on a hot summer day have been replaced with steep … Continue reading Detachment Parenting

Sour & Sweet

In honor of my daughter, who’s 13, and despises Valentine’s Day (for what should be obvious reasons, if you remember anything at all about being 13) I’m posting an anti-Valentine poem Pokey wrote long ago (before she was even Pokey). This is for you, Maddy! X’s & O’s You can keep your four-leaf clover road … Continue reading Sour & Sweet

hence the detour, ma’am

A couple of months ago I was in the car with my two children. It was late afternoon, one of those days where Pokey had already circumnavigated several points on our globe—school, home, work, school, home, soccer—and she was getting a tad frayed around the edges. Not crabby, mind you, just a bit unraveled. As … Continue reading hence the detour, ma’am

Zoe Deschanel & the Narrative Arc

If this were a movie and someone slyly beautiful were playing me, say Zooey Deschanel (with thick glasses to make her look a little less Deschanel), we’d be approaching some kind of zenith, we’d be belaying up a sheer rock face to the tippy top of the narrative arc where we might temporarily mistake denouement … Continue reading Zoe Deschanel & the Narrative Arc

One Way In, One Way Out

in which we pick up the thread of Pokey Mama's struggle with post-partum writer's block and her year as an Associate at the Five College Women's Studies Research Center looking at the impact of motherhood on the work of women poets... Are you old enough to remember the Wayback machine on the Rocky & Bullwinkle … Continue reading One Way In, One Way Out

pokey gets a yes

I’m treading the edge here, a line that shifts beneath my bare feet, salt and wrack swirling around  my ankles. I’m noticing how it’s not just me that’s shifting, not just one edge but all edge, overlap and flip-flop, blurring and gradation. I believe this lack of faith in permanence may be what’s called an … Continue reading pokey gets a yes

i’m not sorry

You know that old barb about certain people being born with a silver spoon in their mouth?  Pokey thinks she may have been born with an apology permanently imprinted on her tongue. Not the empathy-based, “sorry I stepped on your toe” kind of apology but the fear-based,  “sorry I have to tell you that you’re … Continue reading i’m not sorry

birthdays, snoring & the wrong moon

It’s Pokey’s Birthday! Not MY birthday, but the birth-day of this here blog, and that notorious character I’ve come to love,  who’s me and not me, which of course is total narcissism, but hey, it’s MOTHERS DAY, so cut me some slack, willya? Yes, a year ago I made my first post, and here I … Continue reading birthdays, snoring & the wrong moon