in which Pokey gets asked questions and manages not to embarrass herself

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big poetry giveaway – 2013 edition

Susan Rich over at The Alchemist's Kitchen is guest curating the fourth year of the poetry extravaganza known as The Big Poetry Giveaway. Seeing as it’s The Cruelest (aka National Poetry) Month, I thought I’d get on board, and you can, too. If you want to get with the giving, go to Susan's place and sign yourself … Continue reading big poetry giveaway – 2013 edition

Looking for Grass Whistle?

Yes! My new book is out! But where? So, the deal with Grass Whistle is that it's being published by an Irish press, Salmon Poetry, and it comes out in Ireland and the UK first, and then it's officially distributed in the US. It's available NOW at Salmon,and if you order 2 copies shipping is … Continue reading Looking for Grass Whistle?

the next big thing

Here it is--the cover of my new book, Grass Whistle, with beautiful art courtesy of Barbara Reid! I've been tagged in a blogging project called " The Next Big Thing," so since this is mine, read on if you want to know more about the book. First, thanks to Ellen Dore Watson for inviting me … Continue reading the next big thing