6 More Days to Reach My Goal!

It's Day 22, and I only have 6 more days to reach my goal for the Tupelo 30/30 Project. I hope you've enjoyed the poems, and I ask you to please consider making even a small donation--$10, $15, $20? You can sponsor either me or another 30/30 Project poet by making a donation to Tupelo … Continue reading 6 More Days to Reach My Goal!

It’s Come to This: the Downton Poem

Blame it on all those Facebook surveys. It's day 20 of the Tupelo Press 30/30 Erotic Poem Project, and I needed inspiration. Damned badly, as Robert might say. Scroll down to read the poem here, and check out the 30/30 site for more poems by me and the other stalwarts. And please consider signing up … Continue reading It’s Come to This: the Downton Poem

Day 14: Objectifying an Object

A belated V'day post in which I objectify an object for Day 14 of the Tupelo 30/30 Erotic Poem Project...Blue Vase with Dark Interior. You can also check out my ekphrastic poem based on a woodcut by Utamaro...Unaji:Nape. Plus lots of other poems by my stalwart cohorts at the 30/30 Project.

30/30 Project: Sexy Rabbits

Maybe you knew it would come to this: my first poem made from Facebook posts. Ergo, sexy rabbits. Please consider sponsoring me in this ahem! worthy endeavor. And don't forget, make a donation of $50 or more and get the anthology, Myrhh, Mothwing, Smoke, from Tupelo Press!

Erotic Poetry Project: Day 6

Day 6 poems have arrived over at the 30/30 project. I attempted a "blason" thanks to Jeneva Burroughs Stone.  As usual, things did not go exactly as planned...but that's good, right? Go see what a blason is--you know you're curious.

30/30 (Erotic) Poetry Project is live!

It's Day 4, and the poems are coming in over at the Tupelo 30/30 Project. Not just mine, but poems by the other intrepid 30/30 writers: Darla Himeles, Amy MacLennan, Barbara Mossberg, Aubrey Ryan, and Jeneva Stone. Go and take a gander, and please consider sponsoring either me or another 30/30 Project poet by making a donation to … Continue reading 30/30 (Erotic) Poetry Project is live!

Tupelo 30/30 Project: February

Oops, I Did it Again... Yep, signed up to write a poem a day for the month of February. This time it’s to benefit Tupelo Press, a small, independent publisher now based in North Adams, MA. Tupelo publishes beautiful books on a tiny budget and this is one way for them to raise a little … Continue reading Tupelo 30/30 Project: February