30/30 (Erotic) Poetry Project is live!

Tupelo Banner

It’s Day 4, and the poems are coming in over at the Tupelo 30/30 Project.

Not just mine, but poems by the other intrepid 30/30 writers: Darla Himeles, Amy MacLennan, Barbara Mossberg, Aubrey Ryan, and Jeneva Stone.

Go and take a gander, and please consider sponsoring either me or another 30/30 Project poet by making a donation to Tupelo Press here. It’s a good cause! And if you make a donation of $50 or more, Tupelo will send you a copy of the erotic poem anthology Myrrh, Mothwing, Smoke.  Just make sure to mention my name in the donation form, and put in the comment box that you’d like a copy of MMS.

So, as much as I hate repeating myself, here, again is the lowdown on how this works….

I signed up to write a poem a day for the month of February. This time it’s to benefit Tupelo Press, a small, independent publisher now based in North Adams, MA.

Tupelo publishes beautiful books on a tiny budget and this is one way for them to raise a little extra cash while engaging and supporting poets and offering interesting work to readers. Win-win, right?

Myrrh Mothwing Smoke
Yes, my poems from last year are in this book!

So because February is the month in which (some of us) celebrate love and lovers, and because I won 3rd place in their erotic poetry contest last year, Tupelo asked if I’d participate, with erotic poetry as the theme for the month.

I said yes, but you should know the following:

1) Not all in my house are fans of this holiday, in fact some of us make and give Un-Valentine’s cards;
2) I’m no spring chicken;
3) I will be interpreting “erotic” broadly (see #1 & #2).

Should be interesting, no?

Anyhoo—I am seeking “sponsors” for this endeavor. And I’m right now scheming about some special incentives for those very same sponsors. Maybe you’ve always wanted a poem written about you? In this case a saucy poem? Maybe a broadside of your favorite poem from the project? A copy of Grass Whistle? Myrrh, Mothwing, Smoke? We’ll work it out.

I hope you will consider sponsoring this effort and supporting this worthy organization by making a donation here. You MUST put my name in the field where it asks if you want to “honor” someone, otherwise I won’t know you did it and can’t say thank you or give you your thank-you prize.

To ensure that I’m really doing what I said I’d do, every day I will email a poem to the lovely Tupelo people and they will post it here, on the 30/30 page. Where everyone can see it. Ack! So there’s no going back on this.

Stay tuned for details—and if you have questions, post them here, message me on Facebook or email me.

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