Erotic Poetry Project: Day 6

Some blasons I discovered. I think "Fugger" could be our family crest.
Some blasons I discovered. I think “Fugger” might be our family crest.

Day 6 poems have arrived over at the 30/30 project.

I attempted a “blason” thanks to Jeneva Burroughs Stone.  As usual, things did not go exactly as planned…but that’s good, right?

Go see what a blason is–you know you’re curious.

3 thoughts on “Erotic Poetry Project: Day 6

  1. Love your blasted blason! Are you having fun with the project? From here it appears so.

    Last day here with the ya-hoo chorus! Later, shoving off from Key West, heading to a 9 p.m. flight in Miami. Home to the shovel and the ice pick, o my. xoxox

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