30/30 (Erotic) Poetry Project is live!

It's Day 4, and the poems are coming in over at the Tupelo 30/30 Project. Not just mine, but poems by the other intrepid 30/30 writers: Darla Himeles, Amy MacLennan, Barbara Mossberg, Aubrey Ryan, and Jeneva Stone. Go and take a gander, and please consider sponsoring either me or another 30/30 Project poet by making a donation to … Continue reading 30/30 (Erotic) Poetry Project is live!

Hypothesis, Proof on Poetry Daily

A poem of mine from Grass Whistle on Poetry Daily! (An excellent non-profit organization which, BTW, is currently in the midst of a fund drive and deserves our support! ) The poem was also one of the winners of the Tupelo Press Erotic Poetry contest, and is included in their excellent little anthology, Myrrh, Mothwing, … Continue reading Hypothesis, Proof on Poetry Daily