Cancer Connection Campout

In the better late than never department, there’s still time to donate to the Cancer Connection, an excellent organization based in Northampton that provides an incredible array of FREE services for folks undergoing cancer treatment and their caregivers.

The Cancer Connection Campout is a crazy annual event headed up by our local hero, Monte Belmonte of  93.9/The River. This year, Monte invited me to bring poetry to the event, so I had the pleasure of reading a poem on air, along with several other local poets: Janet Bowdan, Howie Faerstein, Marie Gauthier, Michael Mercurio and Becky Olander. I lost two people this year to cancer, and it felt both heartbreaking and healing to be there in their honor.

The event raised over $100,000 for the CC! Thanks to everyone who donated and read, and especially to Monte and the folks at WRSI.

Here’s a picture of me and Monte, aka, the King. I am attempting an Elvis sneer. It was VERY cold, however, so I think my lips were frozen.

Cancer Connection Campout

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