30 Poems in November

It’s that time again–I’m asking you to support me in a labor of love and community, the 30 Poems in November fundraiser to benefit the Center for New Americans.

The deal is, I promise to write a poem a day for the month of November—not necessarily the best poems I’ll ever write, but I always manage a few keepers. (Last year a poem I wrote for 30-30 was even a finalist for a Poetry Society of America award.) In exchange, you pledge your support to the Center for New Americans, an organization that does much-needed work in our community, supporting immigrants and new Americans. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important that support is right now.

Soon, I’ll be waking up early and staying up late, maybe cursing some, but doing my best to honor this organization, the folks it serves, and you, dear friends. I honor you, and your generous, loving support for me and this endeavor.

Last year we raised $1000 for CNA, and the total for the fundraiser was $58K!  Let’s beat that this year! Here’s the link to donate. Thank you!

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