karen donovan talks ribosomes & poetry

Here, at long last, is the Next Big Thing post from Karen Donovan! Karen is the author of Fugitive Red (University of Massachusetts Press, 1999), which won the 1998 Juniper Prize for Poetry. Her poetry has appeared in journals such as FIELD, Seneca Review, Conduit, THE GERM: A Journal of Poetic Research, Spiral Orb,and Prime Number. She was co-editor, with … Continue reading karen donovan talks ribosomes & poetry

Next Big Thing: Arnett & Donnelly

…and here are the links to two of the folks I tagged in the Next Big Thing project: Carlen Arnett & Patrick Donnelly…two very different writers with unique talents and a great way of talking about writing. Go on over and see what they’re up to! http://robinblack.net/the-next-big-thing-for-carlen-arnett/ http://www.patrickdonnellypoems.com/site/Next_Big_Thing_interview.html