Errata! Venue Change at Ma Po Fest

The good news is, I get to post this pic of Sherman and Mr. Peabody so we can all get in the Wabac machine for a do-over, because:

1) It turns out our panel is in the Hawthorne Hotel library, NOT the Peabody Museum library.

2) Even though it says our event is FULL on the Ma Po web site, the skinny is that you can just show up and we’ll find a way to show horn you in.

Gee whiz, Mr. Peabody, it looks like the folks at the Ma Po Fest put us in the wrong room!
Don’t fret, Sherman, there’s plenty of room at the Hawthorne Hotel library for all who want to attend our splendid panel discussion.

In case you missed it, here’s the panel info:

From Zero to One: First Books & What We Wish We’d Known

Amy Dryansky, Karen SkolfieldSarah Sousa and Perugia Press Director, Susan Kan

Saturday, May 2, 12:15-1:15

Hawthorne Hotel Library, Salem, MA

We can’t promise you’ll get published, but we will share what we’ve learned, which turns out to be a decent amount.

This event will be of special interest to writers submitting a manuscript or about to publish a first book. We’ll discuss the happy but often bewildering aftermath of acceptance: book design, publicity, the vulnerability of being newly published, post-publication contests, second and beyond books, and the importance of continuing to write after a manuscript has been assembled or even published. We’ll also talk about pre-publication editing, researching presses and contests, realistic publishing expectations, and dealing with a difficult publisher. Although the panel will focus on life after an acceptance, we will have handouts that address the business side of preparing a manuscript.

Discussion will be audience driven – bring your questions!

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