Good News for Grass Whistle


Grass Whistle has been named a “must-read” by the Massachusetts Center for the Book and is one of six finalists for the MA Book Award in Poetry! You can see the entire list here. I’m in good company.

What’s really exciting to me about this is that the MCB works closely with libraries across the state, and I happen to think public libraries are the one of the last bastions of true democracy in our country, and besides, I just plain love them.

Stay tuned for more about the Book Awards—the winner is announced in May and I’ll let you know if I’m celebrating or just trying to be happy for the poet who won.

In the meantime, you can still listen to my interview at Out of Our Minds here

& Francesca Rheannon at The Writer’s Voice is featuring poems of mine all month on her show, along with an interview that will air later this month. I’ll post that link when it’s up.

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