9 thoughts on “Pokey Mama Begins on Mother’s Day, 2010

  1. EA says:

    Animal Mamas love Pokey Mama too!

  2. June E. says:

    I look forward to the comic/graphic thing and your uber cool blogging. (I think I spelled uber wrong.) And, I aspire to slow parenting (as well as correct spelling), too often what I do is catatonic parenting. Does that count? I’m gonna look to you for inspiration.

  3. Amy, I think this is a great idea, for you and all the other Po-Moms out there…and the non-Po-Moms. Nice work!


  4. Cynthia Pliakas says:

    Way to go! We all can relate, looking forward to reading on..feel the sensation.

    Thanks Amy,

  5. Lea says:

    Although I’m a mom of a 23 yr. old (who’s always looking for advice, comfort, encouragement, etc. from me), I think this’ll be a blog I’ll watch for a long time! I wonder how many “old mothers” still are interested in things/ways they could have been different writers and mothers OR are satisfied w. some of what they have done? I am in both regards … just out of a blooming interest not in any kind of regret.
    Thanks and congrats, Amy!!

  6. Meg says:

    Looking forward to reading more, poet-girl.

  7. Hooray! Welcome to the blogosphere, Amy!

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