Pokey Mama Begins on Mother’s Day, 2010

Look for my first post tomorrow, when you’re having beakfast in bed. You are having breakfast in bed, aren’t you?

9 thoughts on “Pokey Mama Begins on Mother’s Day, 2010

  1. I look forward to the comic/graphic thing and your uber cool blogging. (I think I spelled uber wrong.) And, I aspire to slow parenting (as well as correct spelling), too often what I do is catatonic parenting. Does that count? I’m gonna look to you for inspiration.

  2. Way to go! We all can relate, looking forward to reading on..feel the sensation.

    Thanks Amy,

  3. Although I’m a mom of a 23 yr. old (who’s always looking for advice, comfort, encouragement, etc. from me), I think this’ll be a blog I’ll watch for a long time! I wonder how many “old mothers” still are interested in things/ways they could have been different writers and mothers OR are satisfied w. some of what they have done? I am in both regards … just out of a blooming interest not in any kind of regret.
    Thanks and congrats, Amy!!

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